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Pro and Cons Security Level Using Passwordless Authentication

Discover the pros and cons of using passwordless authentication for your online security. Learn about the benefits and potential drawbacks of this innovative solution with Fazpass.
by Ardi
June 16, 2023
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Passwordless authentication simplifies user and customer experiences. If you're interested in a password-free future and would like to know what pros and cons for your business.

Pros of Passwordless Authentication

Numerous applications rely on passwords as their last line of defense against unauthorized access. Passwords are hated both by end users (who also have too many to remember and by system administrators (who still have to fix login difficulties, thus nearly no one would be sorry to see them phased out of existence. It has been estimated that the typical internet user has 150 different accounts that need a password.

Expect that number to reach 300 by 2022. It's hardly surprising that many individuals use the same password twice or fail to use any at all. New technologies like fingerprint scans, face recognition, hardware tokens, and automatically generated one-time passwords (OTP) have made passwords obsolete. Here are the pros of passwordless authentication:

Enhanced Usability

Password-less authentication instantly reduces user stress since they no longer need to memorize a long string of characters. Users will have a better time in general if they don't have to deal with as many issues throughout the authentication procedure. This is of paramount significance in programs that interact directly with users. If consumers have a frustrating time logging in, you might say goodbye to a lot of potential revenue.

Increased Security

It's easy to see why so many people use the same password for many accounts: people tend to go with what's simplest. If hackers discover a password that is identical to one already in use, they can break into several accounts, including those using your service. By switching from a password-based authentication method to one that doesn't rely on duplication, your system's security will instantly improve enormously.

Reduced Administration Overheads

Help desks face a significant burden when users repeatedly contact them to reset their passwords. It is possible to set up automatic password reset procedures in certain circumstances. However, this may not be enough for highly secure programs. By eliminating the need to change passwords for forgetful workers, you may save money on support staff in the long run by switching to biometric or token-based authentication.

Cons of Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless authentication has benefits, but organizations must consider potential drawbacks and challenges. Understanding the cons of passwordless authentication enables businesses to make informed decisions and implement necessary strategies to mitigate any associated risks. Here are the cons of passwordless authentication:

Potential Cost Hikes

Passwordless authentication may help you save money in the long run, but its adoption may cause short-term budgetary strains. For instance, you'll need to provide start-up funds if you use a hardware token-based system. To top it all off, there is the possibility of incurring development fees, especially in the case of introducing a smartphone-based verification app or anything similar.

Harder to Troubleshoot

The process of resetting passwords may be a real pain, but it's also not too complicated. Users often have trouble using passwordless authentication since they are not used to it and are unsure what to do or anticipate. If a user loses their hardware token, troubleshooting becomes much more difficult and expensive. Until a replacement is available, your support staff will need to provide a temporary solution.

The Future is Passwordless

The use of a password, which has been the standard operating procedure for many decades, is soon to become obsolete. Passwordless authentication simplifies user and customer experiences, which is invaluable since convenience is quickly becoming one of the most important differentiators between businesses. As we've seen, there are a few possible problems, but they're not insurmountable, and the advantages are substantial.

You also don't have to face these challenges on your own; we at fazpass are experts in identity and access management, and we can assist your company in transitioning away from using passwords. If you're interested in a password-free future and would like to know how we can help, please get in touch with us right away.

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