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Why Use Seamless Authentication

Reduce your authentication cost with new journey authentication

Secure with


Password is not secure, high maintenance and not comfortable for your user. higher security of an application is directly proportional to the level of difficulty experienced by the user.  but with seamless authentication you can optimize and costomize your authentication with many priority like reliability,  accessbility, cost and level of security. 


Easy Integration with
Our Lite SDK

Our Authentication Platform with Trusted Device will be elevate your authentication quality with world standard security authentication. You can implement trusted device with our lite SDK. all of component for your authentication was build and ready for use on your application

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Improve your quality authentication without development

Fazpass Gateway possible to improve your authentication quality with any analytic, automation and customization live from our dashboard

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Fazpass keep your bussiness and costumers connected with one dashboard, elevate your authentication service with us