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Secure Your Business with the Best Password Authentication Method

Protect your business with the strongest password authentication method. Learn how to keep your data safe with our expert tips. Get started now!
by Fazpass Indonesia
May 11, 2023
password authentication

When you want to log in to a social media account or a particular application, you must go through the password authentication process. This is a process for authentically checking the identity of data assessors.

Several methods are commonly used and each has a different designation. To find out more about password authentication meaning and its various methods, see the review below:

What Is Password Authentication?

Password authentication is one of the most commonly used and widely recognized methods for verifying a user's identity. It involves the user entering a unique username and password combination, which will then be checked against stored credentials. In simple terms, when you want to access a social media account or online banking tool, you will be asked to enter a password.

While password authentication can keep your sensitive information safe from unauthorized users, it's important to consider the best authentication methods available. As technology advances, there are more sophisticated options for enhancing security. Implementing the best authentication system for your needs can provide an additional layer of protection and peace of mind.

In a way, authentication is like double encryption, safeguarding your data on both the system and data level. By exploring and adopting the best authentication methods, you can ensure that your system's security is much safer from the hands of irresponsible people, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potential data breaches.

6 Common Password Authentication Methods

password authentication methods

Many authentication methods are used to ensure user data security, such as two-factor authentication, biometric authentication, and so on. If you want to know an in-depth explanation of the various methods, here is the type of authentication:

1. Standard Password Authentication

This is the password-based authentication system that most people are familiar with. It involves you as the user entering a username and secret code.

Then, you will get access to accounts, networks, and applications. In theory, if you keep the password secret, you can prevent unauthorized access.

Unfortunately, in practice, even passwords that you store safely can be cracked. As a workaround, create a unique password that includes upper and lower case characters, symbols, and digits.

Also, you may not use easy words with at least 8 characters. You can store your passwords in a secure password manager application.

2. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication, a kind of multi-factor authentication, is one of the more robust security methods. This strategy necessitates that you verify yourself using something you know and something you own.

In actuality, you must provide your name, password, and a one-time code given to a physical device, such as your smartphone, to use this approach. This strategy is ideal for both businesses and MPS since it adds an extra degree of protection that is tough to hack.

Even if hackers guess your password, they are less likely to acquire access to the one-time code provided to your device.

3. Token Authentication

One of the password authentication methods that do not rely on smartphones is the token authentication system. This system uses a special physical device that functions to send two-factor authentication.

There are several examples of physical devices that can be used in this method. For example, a dongle that you can plug into your USB device. There are also smart cards equipped with near-field communication chips or radio frequency identification.

Thus, you should ensure that your physical authentication device is not lost or falls into the wrong hands. This method is a secure option, but more expensive. This is because you have to purchase purpose-built hardware for each of your users.

4. Biometric Authentication

You may be familiar with biometric authentication since it has become increasingly popular. Some devices such as smartphones and laptops already have this feature.

For example, when you want to unlock your smartphone, you just have to show your face or scan your fingerprint. Biometric authentication can use retinal or iris scans, fingerprints, as well as voice and facial recognition.

Because no two people have the same physical traits, so this password authentication method is extremely safe. Another plus of this method is that you don't need a smartphone, dongle, or smart card.

Also, you don't need to remember your password. Even so, biometric systems are much more secure than using passwords.

However, there are some drawbacks to using this system, such as the installation price is costly because it requires special equipment. Then, there are also privacy concerns when using biometric systems.

5. Computer Recognition Authentication

It is a password authentication mechanism that confirms a user's validity by determining if they are on a certain device. When you successfully log in for the first time, the system installs a small software plug-in on your device.

The plug-in then includes cryptographic device IDs. As a result, when you log in, the markers are verified to guarantee that you're on the same trusted device.

Because you cannot view this system, no extra authentication is necessary. Then, as normal, enter your username and password, and verification will take place immediately.

The disadvantage of this authentication approach is that users must swap devices often. Following that, in order to maintain a high degree of security, these systems must allow logins from new devices using a different type of verification.

6. Captchas

Unlike the other password authentication types, Captcha does not focus on verifying a specific user. This is because Captcha aims to determine if the user of the device is human.

Then, this system also functions to prevent attempts that are usually made by computers to break into accounts. The Captcha system is very diverse, such as displaying images, numbers, letters, distorted images, or asking the user to type what they see.

Unfortunately, this system also often creates problems. For example, individuals with impairments or blind persons may be unable to pass the Captcha test.

Non-disabled people frequently encounter issues with this method, resulting in irritation or delays in accessing certain accounts or websites.

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