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Passkey: Advancing Security & User Experience in Simple Way

Explore the seamless fusion of security and user-friendly access with Passkey technology—revolutionizing digital authentication effortlessly.
by Fazpass Indonesia
January 26, 2024
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Passwords are a headache, often weak and forgotten. Even strong ones aren't foolproof. Password managers might help but are not foolproof either. Passkeys offer a better solution after a decade of development. Unlike passwords, passkeys are more secure and easy to use because it does not need complicated combinations, beat phishing, and enhance security.

As a reliable alternative, passkeys eliminate the risks associated with traditional passwords and faulty password managers. It's a simpler, safer future for safeguarding crucial accounts, offering a welcome change from the outdated and insecure password system. So, if you want to know more about passkey meaning, their benefits, and whether they are better than passwords, check out the review below:

What is Passkey?

The passwordless future is gaining momentum as a response to widespread cyber threats. With billions of compromised credentials, the FIDO Alliance, Apple, and Passkey Google are pioneering passwordless authentication solutions. This shift aims to enhance security in the face of frequent data breaches and the compromised state of traditional passwords.

In simple terms, a passkey is a way to log in without using a password. This modern approach relies on public-key cryptography to confirm your access to websites and apps.

Instead of creating a password, you authorize an "authenticator" to generate a passkey, consisting of interconnected cryptographic keys. This authenticator could be your smartphone, another mobile device, or a password manager supporting passkeys.

The authenticator still needs a method of confirming your identity. This might involve entering a master password or using biometrics like Face ID or Touch ID, adding a layer of security and ease. Biometric identification eliminates the need to remember an authenticator password and offers a more secure and convenient alternative to traditional passwords.

Your passkeys are securely stored in a vault, such as your device's keychain or a password manager. Since they can synchronize across devices, using passkeys is smooth and convenient, improving the overall user experience compared to passwords.

How Passkey Works to Secure Account?

Using passkeys offers a significant advantage in account security by eliminating the need to share sensitive information, such as passwords or security questions, for account access.

Instead, when creating an account, an authenticator, like a passkey-supporting password manager or a mobile device, creates two cryptographic keys. One key, the public key, is stored on the website where the account is established, while the other, the private key, is securely stored within your authenticator.

During subsequent login attempts, your authenticator and the website engage in communication to verify your identity without exchanging any sensitive information that could be exploited by hackers. This process ensures a secure login without the vulnerabilities associated with traditional password-sharing methods.

Passkeys, by their cryptographic design, enhance account protection by utilizing a system that authenticates users without exposing any secrets, thereby reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potential security breaches.

The Benefit of Using Passkey

Passkeys serve as a substitute for passwords in authentication technology, and there are several advantages to opting for passkeys over traditional passwords. Here are some of the benefits of adopting passkeys:

1. Effortless Login

The benefit of using passkeys lies in the facilitation of an effortless login process, offering a more user-friendly alternative to traditional passwords. Passkeys present a practical solution as users are relieved from the burden of remembering long and complex passwords.

This transition enables quicker and easier access to accounts, saving time and minimizing frustration, particularly for individuals managing numerous online accounts. The versatility of passkeys extends beyond account logins; they can also be employed for encrypting emails or signing digital documents, showcasing their adaptability as a comprehensive online security tool.

Additionally, the emphasis on simplicity and efficiency in the login process, coupled with the broader utility of passkeys, makes them a preferable and user-centric choice for enhancing online security and access management.

2. Cross-Platform Compatibility

The use of a passkey offers a valuable advantage known as cross-platform compatibility, ensuring a seamless experience across various devices and systems. A passkey functions as a universal key, granting access to your accounts and resources without encountering compatibility issues on different platforms.

This is particularly advantageous as it simplifies the authentication process, allowing you to use the same passkey across your computer, smartphone, or tablet. With this unified approach, there's no need to remember multiple passwords for different devices, streamlining the login process and enhancing user convenience.

The passkey acts as a versatile tool, breaking down the barriers between different platforms and providing a consistent and accessible experience, ultimately making digital interactions more straightforward and user-friendly.

3. No Password Fatigue

The benefit of using passkeys, specifically the elimination of password fatigue, stems from the convenience and security they offer in user authentication. In today's digital landscape, individuals manage numerous accounts with various businesses, leading to the challenge of remembering multiple complex passwords.

This often results in users forgetting passwords and frequently resorting to resets, creating an unpleasant user experience. Passkeys address this issue by allowing users to sign in without relying on traditional passwords.

Moreover, the need for complex password creation and memorization is replaced by the ease of authentication through familiar methods like mobile devices, email, or biometrics. This streamlined login process not only enhances security but also significantly improves the overall user experience by alleviating the burden of remembering and managing multiple passwords, thus eliminating password fatigue.

Passkey vs. Password: Which One is Better?

You have learned how passkey works, and in this process, there is no sharing of secrets between the server and your authenticator. This differs from password-based authentication, where details about the secret password are exchanged to confirm its accuracy.

Passkeys, based on public-key cryptography, also do not rely on storing shared secrets on a server. So, speaking of passkey vs password, there are 3 main reasons why passkeys offer more security than passwords:

  • They cannot be easily guessed or reused.
  • They are resistant to phishing attempts. Passkeys, uniquely tied to the specific app or website, make it challenging for malicious actors to trick users into utilizing them on a fake or fraudulent site.
  • Because passkeys are solely stored on your device, cybercriminals cannot steal them by hacking into the provider's server or database. These factors collectively contribute to the enhanced security of passkeys compared to traditional passwords.

Passkey x Fazpass Seamless: Get Double Protection!

You need to know that Passkey x Fazpass Seamless provides a robust solution for authentication security by eliminating the need for passwords. This combination ensures enhanced security through features like biometrics or PINs, minimizing the risk of phishing attacks.

Passkeys contribute to heightened security, faster logins, and increased user convenience by eliminating the need for memorizing complex passwords. With the additional layer of end-to-end modular seamless authentication offered by Fazpass, businesses can achieve an even higher level of security.

This comprehensive approach not only addresses security concerns but also streamlines the authentication process, making it efficient and user-friendly. By adopting Passkey x Fazpass Seamless, businesses can benefit from double protection, reinforcing their security measures and safeguarding sensitive information effectively.

Curious how Passkey x Fazpass Seamless works? Find out more here!

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