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Trim Costs 20%: Business Boost through Voice Biometrics

Achieve a 20% cost reduction and boost business efficiency with voice biometrics authentication. Explore the advantages of integrating this technology in your business.
by Rista Fathika
January 18, 2024
voice biometrics in business

Businesses face rising costs in password management, with direct expenses for forgotten passwords and complex processes requiring substantial resources. Then, traditional methods increase fraud risks, incurring extra expenses. Adopting voice biometrics in business cuts costs by 20%, streamlining access securely.

Its natural, non-intrusive, and unique features provide a versatile alternative. Moreover, strategic implementation aligns business goals with technology, ensuring enhanced security and efficiency.

Business Authentication Cost Challenges

Businesses struggle with authentication costs, driven by support expenses for password-related issues and complex authentication processes. The risk of fraud adds expenses for investigations and security measures. However, some other business authentication cost challenges are:

1. Password-Related Support Costs

Businesses face significant cost challenges related to password authentication, primarily stemming from support expenses. The need for password-related support, such as resetting forgotten passwords or assisting users locked out of their accounts, contributes substantially to operational costs.

Employees and customers often require assistance with password-related issues, leading to increased helpdesk activities and associated expenses. Additionally, password-related challenges can result in productivity losses as users grapple with login difficulties.

Businesses incur not only direct support costs but also indirect expenses due to the time and resources spent on managing password-related issues. Adopting alternative authentication methods, like voice biometrics, can alleviate these challenges, reducing the overall cost burden associated with traditional password support and enhancing both security and operational efficiency.

2. Complicated Authentication Processes

Businesses grapple with considerable cost challenges due to complicated authentication processes. Complex authentication requirements, such as multi-step verification, token-based systems, or intricate password policies, demand significant resources for implementation, maintenance, and user support. 

Training employees and customers on these elaborate processes adds further expenses. The complex authentication can lead to user errors, necessitating additional support and incurring costs associated with account recovery and troubleshooting.

Moreover, the time-consuming nature of complicated authentication negatively impacts productivity, translating into indirect financial implications for the business. Simplifying authentication methods, such as adopting user-friendly and secure alternatives like voice biometrics, can mitigate these challenges, streamlining processes, reducing costs, and enhancing overall authentication efficiency.

3. Higher Risk of Fraud

Businesses face increased cost challenges due to a higher risk of fraud associated with traditional authentication methods. The vulnerabilities in conventional approaches, like easily hackable passwords or impersonation, expose organizations to financial losses and potential legal consequences.

Addressing fraud incidents incurs additional expenses for investigations, legal proceedings, and reputational damage control. Moreover, the need for robust security measures to counter fraud escalates technology and infrastructure costs.

As fraud becomes more sophisticated, businesses must continually invest in advanced authentication solutions, further straining their budgets. Implementing secure alternatives, such as voice biometrics, can mitigate fraud risks, reduce associated costs, and enhance overall authentication security, offering a cost-effective solution to the evolving challenges in business authentication.

Voice Biometrics: Help Business Trim Costs 20%

Voice biometrics technology is a voice recognition system that enhances the security of business systems while also improving the customer experience. It enables seamless access to consumer records for workers while ensuring that the information is accurate and up-to-date, mitigating fraud and lowering operational costs, and addressing vulnerabilities in traditional systems that are prone to hacking or data leaks.

With the increasing number of online services transitioning to the cloud, new crime and fraud possibilities are introduced, making voice recognition systems such as voice biometrics crucial for centralized and easily accessible client records. Authorization through voice commands, validated against stored voice prints, eliminates the need for passwords and multiple authentication steps, providing a seamless and secure customer experience.

Voice biometrics in business not only streamlines access but also reduces administrative burdens in business services, which in turn, enhances the customer experience. Integration with conversational AI bots eliminates manual tasks such as form filling and multiple signatures, facilitating quick validation and data entry.

The use of voice biometrics authentication in call centers, where identity verification costs $12.4 billion annually, offers a cost-effective solution to improve customer experience. Conversational AI and voice authentication software, utilizing over 100 physical and behavioral traits, create secure voice prints, reducing operational costs by 20%, and freeing live agents from monotonous tasks, allowing them to focus on providing a better customer experience.

Advantages of Voice Biometric Authentication in Business

Voice biometrics cost is indeed more efficient compared to other traditional authentication methods. Then, voice biometrics also has the advantages of being unobtrusive, difficult to replicate, and also versatile. So, find out more about the advantages of voice biometric authentication here:

1. Natural and Non-Intrusive

Using voice biometrics is a secure and hassle-free way of verifying your identity. Instead of remembering numbers or answering questions, you simply speak a passphrase. This method is considered less intrusive than some other biometric authentication methods that people may find invasive.

Voice recognition only requires a spoken sample, which makes it minimally intrusive. Consumers generally accept this method, as it feels easy and respectful of their privacy. This helps businesses to keep their customers satisfied when using voice biometrics for authentication purposes.

2. Highly Unique and Difficult to Replicate

Voice biometrics is super special because each person's voice is very unique and hard to copy. It's like a vocal fingerprint that's tough to imitate. Other things, like passwords or fingerprints, can be copied or faked, but your voice is yours alone.

This uniqueness makes voice verification more secure. It's tricky for someone to pretend to be you by copying your voice. So, when you use your voice for security, it's like having a one-of-a-kind key that's hard for anyone else to make or use. This uniqueness makes it a strong and reliable way to stay safe.

3. Versatility and Remote Authentication

Voice biometrics is versatile because it works from a distance. Unlike fingerprints or eye scans, you can use it remotely. This is handy for companies because it's easy to use over the phone or with speaking devices.

The fact that you can use it from far away sets it apart from other biometrics. It makes voice recognition technology more useful and practical for various situations where being physically present might be challenging.

Implementation Strategies for Business Efficiency

Setting up voice biometrics in business involves strategic planning for enhanced efficiency. Start by defining your objectives, whether it's user authentication, faster response times, or cost reduction. Choose the channels wisely; consider wearable devices, web apps, voice bots, or other platforms.

Knowing your user base and their activity levels is crucial before implementing voice biometrics. Then, understand where the technology will be used; for instance, a call center will have different needs than a mobile deployment.

Use speech enhancement technology to tackle background noise and ensure accurate results. Also, it would help if you considered language, deployment choices (cloud or self-hosted), and legal considerations based on privacy laws in your location.

Once these factors are clear, the implementation process begins. Collect user data, including voices, voice prints, and speech patterns. Process and analyze this data to create unique user profiles, ensuring the smooth integration of voice biometrics.

These strategies not only enhance security and efficiency but also align the technology with your specific business goals. By carefully considering each aspect, you pave the way for a successful and tailored implementation of voice biometrics in your business operations.

In conclusion, voice biometrics in business reduces costs and security expenses by 20%. Its natural, non-intrusive, and unique features, combined with strategic implementation, enhance security and efficiency. Voice biometrics proves a versatile, secure, and practical alternative, streamlining access and improving overall authentication efficiency.

Streamline Your Authentication with Fazpass Seamless Authentication

Fazpass seamless authentication is implementing an advanced system by uses multilayer protection to protect your data and highly-sensitive customers’ personal information.  Seamless authentication will be the best option to replace the traditional process.

Seamless authentication also provides a better user experience. No more headaches caused by password-related problems. Users can easily and securely provide authentication by passwordless methods, by using their biometrics or secure tokens.

Moreover, Fazpass can make a tailored system suitable for your business. Therefore, Fazpass can respond and give solutions to the challenges you face in security. Without sacrificing the convenience of your users. Such as:

  • Verification in the form of biometrics, device recognition, OTP, or secure tokens.
  • Multi-layer authentication to protect against fraud.
  • Real-time transaction analysis
  • Identifying BOT from people to avoid attacks
  • Device detection to prevent impersonation

There are many methods of passwordless authentication to choose from. Businesses can choose the one that is the most suitable for them and their users. Therefore, the transition period will be smoother and users will avoid all the frictions.

Many businesses apply biometrics authentication for their users while reinforcing their security with multi-layer authentication. Fazpass seamless authentication system will arrange all the details to provide you with the best experience available.

For your convenience and more secure business environment, apply Fazpass seamless authentication now. Let your business be free from authentication problems and serve your users with the best and most secure experience ever.

Say farewell to the vulnerabilities associated with OTPs and safeguard your online accounts with Fazpass Passwordless Authentication!


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