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Voice Biometrics: $400K Annual Savings in Contact Centers

Achieve a 20% cost reduction and boost business efficiency with voice biometrics. Explore the advantages of integrating this cutting-edge technology in your business.
by Fazpass Indonesia
December 2, 2023
voice biometrics in business

Many people called any organization’s contact center to get answers for the problems they faced. However, there are procedures to verify authentication that can prolong call duration and drive up the cost. Voice biometrics contact center emerges as a transformative force.

The implementation of voice biometrics promises not just heightened security but also substantial financial gains. It replaces traditional, time-consuming identity verification methods with a seamless and secure voiceprint recognition system.

Let’s say the cost of 1 minute call is $1 and a contact center receives 100,000 calls per month. Using voice biometrics authentication can cut off 20 seconds per call. So, the saved cost could reach up to $400,000 annually. That is a lot of saving.

Authentication Cost Challenges in Contact Centers

The contact centers industry facing formidable challenges when it comes to authentication costs. Traditional methods, such as knowledge-based authentication, incur significant expenses through prolonged call times, agent interventions, and complex security protocols.

Frequent password resets and account recovery procedures contribute to escalating operational costs and interfere with customer experiences. The financial toll extends to training programs for agents and ongoing maintenance of authentication systems.

Amid these challenges, the imperative to balance security and operational efficiency becomes pronounced, prompting a search for innovative solutions that not only enhance authentication protocols but also alleviate the financial burden on contact centers.

How Voice Biometrics Can Contribute to Cost Savings in Contact Centers

Voice biometrics give efficiency in the realm of contact centers. Offering a dual advantage of heightened security and significant cost savings. This innovative technology reduces operational overheads and enhances the overall financial resilience of contact center operations.

Financial Benefits of Voice Biometrics

In contact centers, the estimated annual savings of $400,000 stem from streamlined processes and reduced call times. Beyond contact centers, organizations witness cost reductions in fraud prevention and identity verification, as voiceprints offer a secure and efficient alternative.

The technology lessens the expenses associated with password resets, account recovery, and manual intervention. As a result, the financial benefits of voice authentication extend beyond immediate operational efficiencies, contributing to a resilient and cost-effective security infrastructure across diverse industries.

Implementation of Passwordless Authentication Strategies for Contact Centers

voice biometrics contact centers industry

To improve heightened security and operational efficiency, contact centers are embracing passwordless authentication strategies. This innovative approach not only fortifies data protection but also promises substantial cost savings.

Many forms of passwordless authentication can be implemented. Such as biometrics authentication due to the uniqueness of each individual. Voice authentication is one of them and proved to be one of the sources of cost savings.

  1. Assessing Contact Center Needs

Understanding the intricacies of customer interactions, security requirements, and operational workflows is crucial. It involves evaluating technology gaps, anticipating scalability, and addressing authentication challenges.

This comprehensive analysis ensures that solutions, such as passwordless authentication, align with the unique demands of the contact center environment, fostering a resilient and efficient operational framework.

  1. Choosing Appropriate Passwordless Solutions

Choosing the right passwordless authentication solution demands a meticulous evaluation of organizational requirements. It involves weighing factors like user experience, security robustness, and seamless integration with existing systems.

Voice biometrics contact center is proven to be more effective in security and cost saving. However, some organizations probably are more comfortable with other biometrics authentication systems.

Organizations must consider factors such as scalability, compliance, and ease of implementation. Selecting an appropriate passwordless solution aligns technological advancements with specific needs. Therefore, ensuring a harmonious blend of security and operational efficacy.

  1. Integration with Existing Systems

Seamless integration with existing systems is crucial when adopting passwordless solutions. A successful implementation depends on compatibility with the current infrastructure. Therefore, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency.

Evaluating APIs, and data migration processes, and ensuring interoperability safeguards against operational bottlenecks. A well-integrated passwordless solution seamlessly aligns with the organization's technological ecosystem, optimizing the transition and fostering a cohesive and future-ready authentication framework.

  1. User Training and Change Management

User training and change management are very important when implementing passwordless solutions. Effective communication, user education, and support during the transition phase are essential.

Organizations must invest in comprehensive training programs to familiarize users with new authentication processes, minimizing resistance and optimizing the user experience. Therefore, change management ensures a smooth transition and fosters user acceptance in realizing the full potential of passwordless solutions.

  1. Enhancing Customer Service with Biometrics

User training and change management are very important when implementing passwordless solutions. Effective communication, user education, and support during the transition phase are essential.

Organizations must invest in comprehensive training programs to familiarize users with new authentication processes, minimizing resistance and optimizing the user experience. Therefore, change management ensures a smooth transition and fostering user acceptance of passwordless solutions.

Enhancing Customer Service with Biometrics

Contact centers as one of the forms of customer service are always in pursuit to keep up with the advancement of technology. Due to the compliance requirements, more demanding needs of customers, and also the demand for heightened security.

Using biometrics as a passwordless authentication system is capable of attaining those demands. Customers will not require more additional hardware or face any kinds of traditional authentication procedures anymore.

They just need their gadget and the chosen biometric authentication to access their accounts. Voice biometrics contact center provides more data security and cost savings as well. The same more robust security is also provided by other biometrics.

However, organizations need to provide enough transition phases and training for their customers. Therefore, it will give the best user experience and ensure the successful transition to a better authentication system. Moreover, customers will grasp the importance of the new system.

Replacing the traditional authentication with biometrics is proven to be beneficial for all the parties concerned. Customers will find the easier and safer system to deal with and organizations will save costs along the way.

Voice biometrics contact center not only gives more security for the customers, but also can save up to $400K annual savings. This is a profitable new system that should be implemented as a robust security system in organizations.

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