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Instant authentication platform with single integration for many channel and multi provider.
Solution for authenticated your costumer with seamless, flexible and reliability for your security identification
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fazpass authentication platform
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How our platform helping your business ‚Äč

Our platform make your bussiness easy to connect with any channel authentication and any provider. you can set and switch without integration using our dashboard. Get reliable authentication product for your bussiness and make your costumer always connected with you

Without Fazpass
With Fazpass

Auto Optimize

Auto optimize your auth service, fit with your priority

Auto Switch

Auto Set and Switch Your Auth Channel & Provider

Auto Backup

Auto backup with single API's for always connected

Set Your Channel

Set and connect to omnichannel authentication with smartswitch on dashboard

Set Your Provider

Choose your best provider without worry about technical development. just switch and go live

Set Your Own Price

Custom your own price, make it simple to direct connect from any channel and provider

Pay As You Go

Just paying only for what you use or just connect and use our platform and custom your direct billing

Why Choose Us

compare our authentication platform with others, our system is more flexible, seamless and reliable


Authentication Platform

Analytic Dashboard
Single API's Integration
Flexible UX Auth Template
Omnichannel Authentication
Multi Provider for all of channel
Set own price & provider
Easy Switch Channel and Provider
Ready for Backup Authentication
Auto Switching and Optimation

Without Fazpass

If your apps or system direct connect individual


Benefit when use fazpass platform

Passwordless Authentication

Trusted Device

Change your authentication channel with new seamless auth service.
Better world without password and increase your autentication without password


Authentication Platform Solution For All of Bussiness


engange all experience user with reliable send messaging

Missed Call OTP

Seamless missed call otp for increase your delivery rate with affordable authentication

Official Whatsapp

Connect and recognize your costumer with big messaging platform arround the world

Email OTP

Verify your user with profesional authentication otp using email account

Seamless Authentication

Verify your customer with seamless mobile network

Unofficial Whatsapp OTP

Send Long Number Whatsapp OTP with random number with affordable whatsapp messaging

More Secure, More Seamless, More Reliable

Authentication Platform

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