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Reliable Omnichannel OTP

Use multiple vendors simultaneously and change or add new vendors in a blink of an eye.
All-in-One Platform
Easy Integration
Pay as You Go
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Your Verification Rate is Bad

Aren't you tired of managing multiple vendors and channels at the same time? Yet, you have to struggle finding the cheapest OTP prices due to varying costs from different vendors and channels? And, it doesn’t end here, you still have to deal with complex integrations that consume a lot of resources and time.

It's Time Consuming and Draining a High Cost for Your Enterprise! And not to mention, the unreliable delivery rates that depend on the vendor you choose.

But, what if we can solve all these problems for you?
Complex Integration
Integration and development use a lot resources and time
Price depends on the vendor and channel
Unreliable Delivery
Reliability success delivery depend on the vendor
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How We Change the Way to Authenticate

Easy Integration
One click integration for every channel and vendor
Best Price Guarantee
Set your own best price
Optimize for Best Delivery
Analyze and optimize the best channel and vendor
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Here are Our Products

All Your OTPs in One Place

It’s Free Platform!
Say goodbye to the headache of managing complex, repetitive, and exhaustive integration processes with our all-in-one OTP platform. We provide the best solution for your multi-factor authentication or mfa needs, including finding the best and cheapest OTP prices (guaranteed!) and ensuring reliable delivery rates with just a few clicks.

With Fazpass, you can experience the best of both worlds through a single integration and say hello to seamless OTP management.
Analytic Dashboard
Cost Optimization*
Fraud Detection (soon)
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* Only available for Fazpass Enterprise

Seamless Authentication

Reduce OTP Cost Up to 60%
Looking for a passwordless authentication solution that is cheaper than your current OTP cost? Look no further! Our seamless authentication can elevate the security level of your application through intelligent optimizations, while also guaranteeing reduced your authentication costs.

Securing your authentication doesn't have to be expensive. Save your wallet with our affordable solutions!
Passwordless Authentication
Pay per Success Verification
Easy Integration

It’s All Up to You

Our 2 Factor Authentication System Provide Seamless, Flexible and Reliable Solution to Eliminate All Your Hustle
Guarantee Best Price
Single Integration for Multichannel OTP & Vendor
Automatic Backup/Failover of the OTP Service
Pay per Success Verification
Without Fazpass
No-cost to get started
Optimized for best price
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Our Happy Clients

"For a growing startup like us, Fazpass solution really simplifies the integration requirements while saving us tremendous time and cost, beyond just being another communications channel vendor."
Andre Gunawan
CPO FlockAsia
"For a growing startup like us, Fazpass solution really simplifies the integration requirements while saving us tremendous time and cost, beyond just being another communications channel vendor."
Andre Gunawan
CPO FlockAsia
"Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Cras ut fermentum massa. Quisque ut blandit purus."
Claire Dunphy
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Interested to Make Your Authentication Easier?

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Frequently Asked Question

Why must we choose fazpass for our authentication solution?

fazpass isn’t just an ordinary multi-factor authentication service provider; we’re the solution you need to manage omnichannel and multiprovider in one platform. Your apps could connect with many channels and providers with only one single integration. Try it yourself! It's free.

What if we want to directly connect to the provider?

If you directly connect to the provider, it’s not an issue. However, you must integrate with every channel with different development integration. Not only that, your system doesn’t automatically have a backup for the multifactor authentication service.

You waste a lot of time just to be connected with many providers. Such a troublesome task, isn’t it?

What are the benefits of using Fazpass?

✅ Find the best OTP price guaranteed with no additional cost!
✅ Forever free all-in-one OTP platform
✅ Live monitoring and analytics dashboard
✅ Pay as you go
✅ Connect with multiple vendors at the same time
✅ Change or connect with a new vendor without integration
✅ One-time top-up to pay all vendors
✅ Remove switching cost for OTP integration
✅ And many more.

If you are interested in obtaining the benefits, contact us now.

Is your platform truly free?

Yes, Absolutely. 100% Free with no hidden fee.

Do I still need to manage accounts for each provider if I connect to Fazpass?

No, you don't. We will help you connect to every provider and support your needs for free, without any hidden or extra costs. You can have peace of mind and focus on product development in your business.

What if my desired provider is unavailable on Fazpass?

No worries! If you have a new provider that is not on our list, you can request it to our team at any time, and it will be online in just two weeks. Try it by yourself.

What if I want to switch between channels or providers without development? Is it possible?

Yes, with our dashboard, you can easily switch between channels and providers without any adjustments from your development team. You can set unlimited channels, choose providers, and set your own prices directly from our dashboard. So Efficient! Try It Now!

I’m interested. How can I contact you?

Contact our sales team now in one click away! Or Fill this form above, and our team will come to you quickly. try all of our products with free balance from fazpass.

Is fazpass safe?

Fazpass has been used by many clients, from startups to unicorns. Additionally, fazpass has been affiliated with the world authentication standard (FIDO). You can use it with complete peace of mind, knowing that your security and satisfaction are our top priorities.

How do I use fazpass?

To use Fazpass, you have two options: you can either register independently, or you can contact our sales team for guidance.
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