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How to Identify Fake Accounts on a Mobile App or Website

Protect yourself from fake accounts on mobile apps and websites with Fazpass. Learn how to identify fake accounts and avoid scams and cyber threats.
by Ardi
June 16, 2023
how to identify fake account - fazpass.com
how to identify fake account - fazpass.com

How to Identify Fake Accounts on a Mobile App or Website

Fake accounts are created for various purposes. For some people, a fake account might be a place for them to be free to make any comments without fear that their identity will be known. There are also those who create a second account because they want a more private space with only certain people in that account. However, regardless of the purpose of people creating fake accounts or second accounts, these goals still have one thing in common, namely because these people want to hide their identity. 

Fake account is an account that has no identity with the aim that other people don't know who the owner is and the account is used for an interest. There are several ways to identify fake accounts on a mobile app or website:

1. Look for patterns of suspicious activity such as a high number of messages or friend requests sent in a short amount of time.
2. Check the account's profile information. A fake account may have little or no personal information, or the information may be inconsistent or fake.
3. Look at the account's friends or followers. A fake account may have very few or no connections.
4. Check the account's activity history. A fake account may have very little or no activity.
5. Check the account's profile picture, if it's a stock or common image, or a picture of a celebrity, it's likely to be a fake account.
6. Use machine learning tools to detect patterns in the account's activity or profile information that indicate it may be fake.
7. Use IP tracking and geolocation to verify if the account is being accessed from different locations or countries.
8. Look for any suspicious links or suspicious website/URLs shared by the account.

It's also important to note that some fake accounts may be more sophisticated and may not exhibit all of these characteristics, so it's important to use a combination of these methods to identify fake accounts.

Reduce Your Fake Account with 2FA Verification

Leveraging both 2FA and digital identity to reduce fake accounts on your platform, leading to a much safer ecosystem for your real users.

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