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Get Better Price of WhatsApp OTP in Fazpass!

Discover how WhatsApp OTP will give you a new experience in authentication and the best channel for OTP. Get Better Price of WhatsApp OTP in fazpass! 
by Rista Fathika
September 1, 2023
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WhatsApp is a messaging app that is widely used by a huge number of people around the world. Therefore, WhatsApp platform product is also available for many supporting roles, such as OTP delivery and verification as done by fazpass WhatsApp OTP.

Many businesses use OTP verification as a fast and secure way to verify the user’s identity in the login or transaction process. Many channels available for this verification process. However, the official and unofficial WhatsApp OTP gives a high percentage of successful delivery.

fazpass with its analytical dashboard can give a lot of valuable information regarding all the important things in OTP.  Including integration, the best and most flexible pricing structure, and also maintaining the best performance in the OTP authentication process.

Upgrading Your WhatsApp OTP Verification with fazpass

WhatsApp OTP verification is a simple yet secure process to verify the user’s identity. The system sends a specific one-time password with limited time to the user via their WhatsApp number. Then, the user can enter this code to continue with the login or transaction they made.

The verification process is simple, done in real-time, and yet, will enhance security with two-factor authentication. However, managing many channels and providers can be a burden and a high cost. Especially in integrating them.

The advantage of utilizing the fazpass WhatsApp platform is that you will get the best solution. Moreover, there will be no additional cost! No matter how many channels and providers you have, fazpass can upgrade your system with a single integration.

Finding the Best WhatsApp OTP Pricing

As a business entity, cost efficiency will be one of the important factors in budget planning. Therefore, finding the best provider in WhatsApp OTP will be a crucial task. Cheap might be the ultimate factor to consider. However, it should not sacrifice the best service delivered.

The best service provider will offer transparent pricing with no additional and hidden costs. Moreover, it should provide flexible pricing to accommodate your business needs. Here are some points to consider to find the best pricing:

1. Reputation

The reputation of a service provider will influence the price structure they offer. With their honed experience, they can accommodate flexible but structured pricing tailored to your needs. They will address the services you need and maintain a good performance in delivery.

2. Flexible Pricing Structure

Every business entity will differ in their need. Having a flexible pricing structure, will support your cost-efficiency program while maintaining good service for your customers or users.

3. Analytics and Reporting

With the pricing structure also includes the analytics and reporting. The service provider will maintain good verification data to analyze. Moreover, they will provide good reporting, scalability, and technical information for you to analyze.

4. Integration

This process could be time-consuming and potentially drain your resources. Therefore, finding a service that can integrate your business with all the vendors will be very cost-effective.

Streamlining Vendor Integration with fazpass Free Dashboard

Many business entities have their list of vendors. Integrating all of them could be a time-consuming process. There are big data to consider and each vendor might have a unique characteristic of their own. You need a good platform to deal with all this.

Fortunately, fazpass provides a free dashboard that will assist you in streamlining your vendor integration. Therefore, you are just required to provide the vendor data and let fazpass do the process. 

No more one-by-one process with each vendor but you can deal with them all more effectively with a streamlined system. With a single integration, you will save time and cost in managing the authentication process on one platform.

Key Benefits of fazpass Dashboard

Fazpass provides an Analytic Dashboard that enables you to get insights on all the important information in fazpass WhatsApp OTP. Such as reports on delivery and verification rates, cost and also capable in resolving issues in the authentication process.

You can get all the reports in real time. Therefore, you can make some analysis and evaluation for the best strategies. Such as in resolving issues in authentication, delivery issues, customer experience and many more.

1. Delivery Rate Report

This report will measure the on-time delivery performance in real time. It will calculate the percentage of the successful delivery on-time as promised. Usually by comparing the on-time delivery with the total orders made.

For example, if you made 100 OTP orders in one month and 90 orders of them were delivered within the promised time, then the delivery rate will be 90%. Therefore, you can analyze the reasons for the delay and evaluate the best solution to overcome the issue.

fazpass WhatsApp OTP has a 99% delivery rate which is a very high performance. That means that the system is doing its job successfully. You can have this report easily from the dashboard and make your evaluation.

2. Verification Rate Report

As a delivery rate report, this verification rate report also can be seen in real-time. The rate so far is 80%, which is quite high as well. This means the delivery of fazpass WhatsApp OTP to the user’s device has successfully verified the identity of the user and their devices.

User’s experience will also be a valuable input in evaluating the strategies in securing a transaction or login process. 

3. Cost Insight

Generating OTP will have a cost. However, you can choose the most cost-effective channel for your business. fazpass WhatsApp OTP is considered moderate compared to using a token device. Due to the additional tool such as a token that needs to be prepared.

However, each business entity will have different needs. With the fazpass dashboard, you can analyze the best channel for your OTP delivery. With the delivery and verification rates that each channel has, you can evaluate the most cost-effective one that suits you.

Fazpass is an all-in-one OTP platform that provides the best solution for your multi-factor authentication or MFA needs, including finding the best and cheapest WhatsApp OTP vendors prices (guaranteed!) and ensuring reliable delivery rates with just a few clicks.

Try it yourself! It's free.

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