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Fazpass Dominates! 1st Place in Astranauts 2023!

Fazpass Dominates! We win the first place out of 2,200 Participants in Astranauts 2023! Showcasing Indonesia's passwordless authentication revolution. Go Seamless!
by Rista Fathika
July 3, 2023
Demo Day & Awarding Astranauts 2023 / Astra

Congratulations are in order! Fazpass win the 1st place in Astranauts 2023. This is a very prestigious event for any start-up and university student. This event is a platform to showcase the innovation development in digital and technology.

PT Astra International Tbk (Astra) does this event annually. This year's theme is “Building a Sustainable Future through Technology.” The main purpose of this event is to find some innovations in sustainability, edu-tech, agribusiness, health, and even media and entertainment.

The main purpose of Astranauts is to develop technology and a digital ecosystem for a better life now and in the future. Fazpass participated in the Start-Up category along with 2,200 other participants, and Fazpass win!

Who is Fazpass?

Joel Hartanto Kereh is the man behind this startup company. However, he is not a newcomer to this kind of business. Because he is also the person behind Citcall. So, in 2022, after seven years in Citcall, Fazpass was born.

The purpose of Fazpass is to create a world without passwords. Due to the common problem of keeping forgetting it. Therefore, Fazpass provides a multi-factor authentication solution on a business-to-business basis (B2B). Thereby, introducing SMS OTP technology as the solution.

What is Fazpass?

Fazpass is a service provider of multi-factor authentication. It helps your company in managing omnichannel and multi-provider. Therefore, your company could connect with many channels and providers with one single integration.

They will be the ones that handle the intricate, repetitive, and exhaustive integration procedures by using a comprehensive OTP platform. Moreover, to secure the best and most cost-effective OTP prices.

Reason of Winning

What makes Fazpass win? This is why. Fazpass has complete products of authentication channels. From SMS, Missed Call, Email, Whatsapp, and Header Enrichment. Moreover, it also provides an All-in-One OTP Platform and Seamless Authentication.

Seamless authentication refers to a process or system that provides a smooth and uninterrupted user authentication experience. Additionally, it eliminates the need for users to repeatedly input their credentials or go through complex authentication procedures when accessing different services or platforms.

In seamless authentication, users are authenticated automatically or with minimal user intervention. Often using factors such as biometrics (e.g., fingerprints, facial recognition) or device recognition. Therefore, no more passwords can be forgotten.

This allows for a frictionless and convenient user experience while maintaining a high level of security. By removing barriers and simplifying the authentication process, seamless authentication aims to enhance user satisfaction. Additionally, also streamline access to various systems and applications.

In conclusion, this seamless authentication eliminates the need for a password. Using OTP, the Fazpass system will help users have passwordless and secure authentication. Therefore, that is the reason for Fazpass's win.

Fazpass Services

The seamless authentication system of Fazzpas will help users in many areas of concern. Such as connecting many channels and providers, additional cost, and security. Some of those concerns are explained below:

1. Connect Switch Between Channels and Providers

Fazpass system will allow users to connect with multiple vendors and switch between channels at the same time. Moreover, it can be done without integration. So, this means removing the cost that usually arises when switching channels.

2. Managing Accounts for Each Provider

Fazpass will help users to manage the accounts for each provider. That way, the user can have more focus on developing their product and business. However, Fazpass provides a dashboard that helps the user do live monitoring and analytics.

3. Connect with New Provider

If any user has their chosen provider but it is not listed on Fazpass, then the user can easily inform the team. They will help to connect them within two weeks. Moreover, the company will deal with all the integration and technical details.

4. Safety

Fazpass has been affiliated with FIDO, the world authentication standard. So, security is the top priority and will always be maintained.

5. Easy Registration

Users can easily register independently online on their website, or discuss more with their sales team. Moreover, they can also help users to register and find the best solution needed.

6. Cost

Fazpass's all-in-one OTP platform reduces any additional cost that usually occurs. Users can customize their needs with the cost. 

No hidden cost will make it easier to calculate and adjust users’ needs. They have an extensive list of services completed with the price. Hence, the user can choose which ones suit their needs best.

Fazpass Dominates!

The seamless and passwordless authentication supported by a good system made Fazpass win the Astranauts Competition 2023. Fazpass received IDR 100 million as the winning prize. Moreover, they have a chance to join Astra InnovLab and collaborate with Astra Group.

Passwordless authentication is an advancement that many providers keep developing. Because a password has a lot of weaknesses, especially in the risk of forgetting it. Moreover, hackers can easily hack into your data as it is stored online.

Some providers only excel in one type of authentication. That way, that switch between providers will raise problems and additional costs. Moreover, there are security concerns.

Additionally, what about the cost? Using many providers will require a lot of costs. As well as the integration concern between systems. Also, about the big data, backup, and verification successes.

Thereby, Fazzpass, with its system of seamless authentication with the all-in-one OTP platform will address all the above issues. This revolutionary system will help users to manage all their accounts between all channels and providers they use.

This system simplifies all the details related to verification issues. Users will no longer need to memorize any passwords. The strong and professional team will maintain the users’ system. Including any big data and backup or failover of OTP service.

Fazpass also makes security their priority. Therefore, users can concentrate their effort and concern on their business. Without the need to worry about how to guard their security through that many channels and providers.

This revolutionary passwordless and seamless authentication are the things that made Fazpass win. Verification will be much more simple but more secure. No more forgotten passwords and the big cost of switching channels and providers. Congratulations on the win!

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