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How to Setting Up WhatsApp OTP Integration with Qontak on Fazpass

Enhance security and user verification with WhatsApp OTP integration on Fazpass using Qontak. Follow these step-by-step instructions to set up OTP communication!
by Rista Fathika
August 26, 2023
WhatsApp OTP Integration with Qontak on Fazpass

OTP integration enhances security by requiring users to provide a temporary, one-time code and their regular credentials. This extra layer of authentication enhances user verification and reduces unauthorized access risks. This article will guide you to find out how to integrate OTP with Qontak WhatsApp on Fazpass.

Moreover, Qontak WhatsApp on Fazpass allows you to choose and customize the gateway. Efficient gateway choice and customization for WhatsApp OTP integration ensure seamless, secure, and timely user verification, enhancing authentication and communication. Following are the steps for setting up WhatsApp OTP integration with Qontak on Fazpass:

1. Selecting Your Gateway and Country

The first step to set up Qontak WhatsApp OTP integration is to select your gateway and country. However, to get there, you must first complete the following:

  • Launch your browser and navigate to www.dashboard.fazpass.com.
  • If you do not already have an account, click Register and enter all of your personal information properly and correctly.
  • Check your inbox or spam folder after completing the registration procedure.
  • You will receive account information such as a username, password, and merchant key.
  • To connect to the Fazpass dashboard, go to www.dashboard.fazpass.com and sign in using your account.
  • Then, from the Proxy menu, select Add a New Gateway. Fill in the title of your connection in the gateway.
  • Choose the country that will decide your OTP service.

When you input the gateway name, you must fill in the title of your connection. For example, you can type development-WhatsApp-OTP when you want to integrate Qontak WA. Then, select the country that will determine your OTP service, whether only Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, or even all countries.

Make sure you select the right country for the user's phone number support. Moreover, choosing the right country is vital. It impacts verification, user trust, SMS delivery reliability, compliance, and user experience, aligning with your business location for a smooth process.

2. Configuring Channel and Provider

The next step in integrating WhatsApp OTP on Fazpass is to configure the channel and provider. There will be numerous channel options on the dashboard.

If you want to integrate Qontak WhatsApp, you may choose WhatsApp as your preferred channel for OTP communication. Then, as your OTP provider, select Qontak. Qontak's integration with WhatsApp is designed to be seamless, ensuring a smooth user experience for both your team and customers

Also, Qontak WhatsApp provides an intuitive interface, specialized WhatsApp knowledge, customization, automation, scalability, security, customer support, and cost-effectiveness. So, it can significantly enhance your communication strategies and customer interactions on WhatsApp.

3. Streamlining OTP Generation

Fazpass is here to streamline OTP generation. When you input a message with {OTP}, Fazpass will simplify your OTP integration by generating an automatic OTP with this code. Then, make sure your OTP code is between 4 and 8 characters long.

Setting the OTP (One-Time Password) code length within the range of 4 to 8 characters strikes a balance between security and user experience. Shorter codes might be easier to input quickly, while longer codes increase security by providing more combinations.

So, this range is designed to provide a practical compromise, ensuring both security and user convenience during the authentication process.

4. Personalizing Gateway Notes

After you have selected your channel and OTP provider, it's time to enter your OTP content. For example, the contents of the Message field may be "Your OTP Code is (OTP)" and set the OTP length.

Here, the function OTP is for auto-generating the OTP and next, you can set the OTP link. Then, check the enable gateway box and save. Following these steps, you should notice a gateway established in the proxy menu.

If you want to change channels and providers without reintegrating, you can edit the gateway on the Fazpass Dashboard. Furthermore, the dashboard allows you to add labels that you may customize to the gateway for easier maintenance. Some labels you may use are "production”, “transaction”, "developer", "staging", and many others.

5. Customizing Sender ID

The next step after you fill in the Message field is to select Sender ID. Then, choose Default sender ID, check Enable gateway, and save.

The Proxy Menu page will appear on the toolbar on the left of the screen, just as it did in the previous phase. Additional customization is possible via the Qontak WhatsApp account on the Fazpass Dashboard.

6. Setting Up Qontak Custom Credentials (For Qontak Account Users)

If you have a Qontak Account, you can check the User Custom Credential. Then, you may set up a Qontak Custom Credential by following these steps:

  • Username: Input with your own Qontak username/ email.
  • Password: Input with your own password Qontak API dashboard.
  • Template: Create your own WhatsApp authentication template in the dashboard Qontak or visit here: https://chat.qontak.com/whatsapp/templates.
  • Client ID: Add your own client secret Qontak account.
  • Channel ID: Add your own channel ID Qontak account.
  • Check this check box (for using a new template).

Unfortunately, if you don't have a Qontak account, you can't uncheck the custom credential. So, it will automatically disable custom credentials. So, for the next step, you can immediately check Enable the Gateway.

7. Final Steps and Saving Configuration

The most important thing when integrating Qontak WhatsApp on Fazpass is to enter the gateway name. Make sure you set the gateway title and gateway connection labeling to make it easier for you to organize.

Then, select WhatsApp as the Channel and Qontak as the Provider. Through this integration process, you can personalize your gateway notes and ensure that your OTP code is 4 to 8 characters long.

If you have a Qontak account, you can check the user custom credentials as shown in the preceding section. Afterward, if you have passed all the steps, then you can check Enable, and save your customizations, and you have successfully integrated the OTP with the Fazpass API.

That's an interesting review of how to set up WhatsApp OTP integration with Qontak WhatsApp on Fazpass. You can complete the integration process by following all of the steps. If you have any issues or want further help, please contact the Fazpass support staff.

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