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How to Setting Up Missed Call OTP Integration with Citcall on Fazpass

Enhance security and user verification with Missed Call OTP integration on Fazpass using Citcall. Follow these step-by-step instructions to set up OTP communication, choose the right gateway, configure channels, and personalize messages.
by Rista Fathika
August 27, 2023
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Missed Call OTP Citcall is one of the Fazpass OTP Channel products that is being widely used. Moreover, it is favored for security and authentication as it combines quick delivery, physical possession of the user's phone, and a dual-layered approach, bolstering protection against breaches and unauthorized access.

Through this article, you will find out how to set up a missed call OTP Citcall on Fazpass. However, before discussing the steps, let's define a missed call OTP, which is as follows:

What is Missed Call OTP?

Missed call OTP is a simple method of verifying mobile devices via missed calls to the user's smartphone. The concept is simple: during the in-app verification process, the user inputs their phone number.

The phone number entered by the user will be used as the OTP call number. Then, a call is sent to the number entered to verify the user.

This is due to the telephone number verification technology, which employs the missed call API telephone verification. It works by making a phone call using the missed call phone verification API, intercepting the call, and validating the phone number with the API before the user has a chance to answer the call.

This verification is very secure since it requires no user interaction. The user simply has to input their phone number during the first registration process and no PIN is necessary.

Set up Missed Call OTP Integration with Citcall on Fazpass

According to the explanation above, the missed call OTP is a simple and safe alternative verification technique. Step-by-step instructions for configuring a missed call Citcall OTP integration on Fazpass are provided below:

1. Choosing Your Gateway and Country

A gateway, in basic terms, is a technological bridge that allows Fazpass and Citcall to "communicate" effortlessly, guaranteeing that the process of generating, transmitting, and confirming OTP works properly.

As a result, you must enter the gateway accurately since it is related to title labeling and connection. When you want to integrate Missed Call OTP Citcall on Fazpass, the first step is to choose a gateway and country in the following steps:

  • Navigate to https://dashboard.fazpass.com/ in your browser.
  • If you do not already have an account with Fazpass, click Register and correctly fill out all of the relevant forms. Make sure you provide all accurate information before clicking Register.
  • After completing the registration process, you will be able to view your Inbox or Spam Folder.
  • Account information such as Username, Password, and Merchant Key will be shown. You must keep these data secure since they will be required for the following step.
  • To access the Fazpass dashboard, go to www.dashboard.Fazpass.com, log in with your registered account, and then select the Proxy option.
  • You may add a New Gateway to the Proxy menu and fill it with the title of your connection.
  • Then, choose the country that will define your OTP service.

At this point, you should also select the country that will define your OTP service. If you just want to serve OTP in Indonesia, for example, select Indonesia.

Moreover, if you wish to serve OTP in all nations, choose All Country. Then, selecting the appropriate country also determines the user's phone number support.

2. Channels and Provider Configuration

If you didn't encounter any major issues during the first step, you may now go to the second step, which involves configuring channels and providers. The processes for configuring the Channel and Provider for integrating the missed call OTP Citcall on Fazpass are as follows:

  • Still on the Fazpass Dashboard page, you can choose Misscall as the channel.
  • Then, for the provider, you can choose Citcall.

Choosing Citcall as the provider for missed call OTP offers several benefits due to its specialized services and capabilities in the field of telecommunication solutions.

Moreover, Citcall's expertise in missed call verifications means that they have developed their systems and procedures to effectively manage missed call events, OTP generation, and delivery. This specialization may result in more seamless integration and more dependable OTP delivery.

3. Personalizing Gateway Notes

Fazpass can help you speed up the OTP creation procedure. You simply need to enter the OTP code in the "Message" field. For example, you can write, "Your OTP code is {OTP}.

Then, the {OTP} functions to auto-generate the OTP. You can set the OTP length to 4 characters. This is because Missed Call OTP only accepts 4-digit OTP numbers.

4. Enabling The Gateway

The following step is to enable the gateway and save. The gateway you built will then appear in the Proxy menu. You may personalize the label to make it easier to arrange.

Labeling options include "Stagging", "Developer", "Production", and so on. It's a quick and easy method to change channels and providers without having to re-integrate. You can effortlessly change channels and providers by using the Fazpass Dashboard.

5. Customizing Sender ID

You may also specify the sender ID when integrating the missed call OTP Citcall. Also, you may select New Gateway from the Proxy menu in the toolbar on the left of the screen.

Then, you will notice the gateway, select a country, a channel name, a provider name, the length of the OTP, and a note/purpose. Then, under Sender ID, choose Default.

6. Last Steps and Configuration Saving

When integrating the missed call OTP Citcall, don't forget to enter your gateway name. Only set title gateway or labeling gateway connections are supported.

Then, you must choose the country that will determine the scope of your OTP service. This is necessary so that the OTP generation process runs smoothly. Afterward, choose Misscall as the Channel and Citcall as the Service Provider. 

This is because Fazpass uses Citcall OTP as a missed call OTP provider. Another important process is setting the 4-character code length, noting the gateway, and selecting Default as the Sender ID.

If you have followed all the steps, all you have to do is check Enable and Save. Then, the integration process of the missed call OTP Citcall on Fazpass was successful.

So, with the numerous benefits of missed call OTP, it is a verification technique that can be simply implemented into your current client verification procedure. If you want to use this verification method, you may do so by following the procedures outlined above for setting up a missed call OTP Citcall Integration on Fazpass.

Also, you can get the best missed call OTP price guaranteed with no additional cost in fazpass! We’re the solution you need to manage omnichannel and multi-provider in one platform. Your apps could connect with many channels and providers with only one single integration.

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