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WhatsApp OTP Price Update [2023] Best Price Guaranteed!

[2023] Cheap WhatsApp OTP Service Price from Twilio, Vonage API Platform, Sinch, Infobip, Plivo, MessageBird, Route Mobile, TeleSign, Tyntec, Karix, and 8x8
by Rista Fathika
July 27, 2023
whatsapp otp pricing

Businesses and individuals use WhatsApp OTP (One-Time Password) for various reasons and benefits, such as enhanced security, user verifications, secure transactions, and so on. However, to avoid unnecessary expenses, companies should be aware of WhatsApp OTP pricing.

This is because each WhatsApp OTP service offers different specifications, so the price can vary. If you want to find out which providers offer cheap WhatsApp OTP service prices, find out the reviews below:

Get The Best Deals by Knowing WhatsApp OTP Price Update

Traditionally, One-Use Passwords work for two-factor authentication via email or SMS. Unfortunately, these text messages are not secure enough.

Hackers want to intercept OTP and unencrypted messages connected to your phone number. Then, they will use it for social engineering fraud or phishing.

As a result, companies are seeking innovative ways to provide these OTPs to their consumers while minimizing risk. That is where WhatsApp Business Platform comes in.

As a business, you cannot avoid paying shipping fees or receiving OTP via WhatsApp. So, basically, there is no WhatsApp OTP free.

Therefore, it is important to know the latest WhatsApp OTP pricing to get the best deal. This is useful for cost efficiency, budget planning, finding the best WhatsApp OTP provider, and optimize ROI.

TOP 10 Cheap WhatsApp OTP Service Price

There are several alternative WhatsApp OTP services that might be suitable for your business. The list of WhatsApp OTP services that offer the best prices is as follows:

1. Twilio

You may utilize the Twilio WhatsApp Business API to suit any of your customer engagement needs, such as authentication conversation (OTP), marketing conversation. Service conversation, and so on.

Many of you are curious about Twilio WhatsApp pricing because this is a remarkable communication tool. One of the best things about Twilio is that you can get the best prices depending on your business needs.

For example, Twilio pricing WhatsApp for the United States region is USD 75.00 for 5000 conversations and 5000 messages. The more volume of conversations and messages you need, the more expensive it will be.

2. Vonage

If you are looking for a Messages API feature that is cheaper than SMS, you can try the WhatsApp Business API service. Through this service, you can send out notifications, customer service messages, OTPs, and important information to your consumers.

WhatsApp OTP cost at Vonage is very affordable, starting from 0.0050 Euros per message for the Messages API package.

3. Sinch

It has a WhatsApp Business API product that you can leverage to build a strong brand, scale conversations, and grow customers. Service prices will depend on the region and package selection.

Each package has different service specifications and you can adjust them according to your needs. There are 4 price options packages that you can choose from, such as:

  • Starter (starting at 199 Euros/month).
  • Professional (starting at 399 Euros/month).
  • Business (starting at 699 Euros/ month).
  • Enterprise (upon request).

4. Infobip

It has a WhatsApp Business Platform API product that can send messages, notifications, updates, and receive customer inquiries in real time.

Also, you can use the WhatsApp API to send transactional messages on WhatsApp, increase company ROI, and verify identity with OTP WhatsApp. WhatsApp OTP pricing at Infobip will adjust to your personal needs.

In addition, the pricing depends on the location of the traffic, country regulations and restrictions, and numerous other factors. So, you can contact their customer service and start with a customized offer.

5. Plivo

It offers a WhatsApp Business API that allows businesses to integrate WhatsApp messaging into their communication channels. With the WhatsApp Business API, businesses can send notifications, alerts, and customer support messages to their customers on WhatsApp.

Moreover, Plivo offers an OTP (One-Time Password) API that allows businesses to send one-time passwords via SMS or Voice for authentication and verification purposes.

Unfortunately, you cannot find WhatsApp OTP pricing on the official website. So, you can contact the support team or sales to get up-to-date information about the WhatsApp Business API.

6. MessageBird

It is a WhatsApp marketing program that allows you to easily alert and help your consumers. It is a top WhatsApp bulk sender program that includes contact management, 2-way messaging, OTP, and mass texting.

Different from Twilio WhatsApp pricing, MessageBird WhatsApp OTP pricing for authentication is USD 0.0135 per conversation.

7. Route Mobile

As you know, Route Mobile's WhatsApp Business Solution (WBS) assists in improving worldwide customer communication. Then, you can drive your client interaction and reach big audiences like never before with the WhatsApp Business API.

With the WhatsApp Business Solution, you can effortlessly manage all of your leads, efficiently reply to your existing customers, and drive conversions to make more income for your company.

If you want to use the service and need a price list, you can contact Route Mobile sales. You will get the best price because Route Mobile is one of the cheapest WhatsApp OTP service prices.

8. TeleSign

It is a popular OTP provider that specializes in two-factor authentication services. In addition, TeleSign provides proprietary phone-based verification and two-factor OTP authentication services.

These services are provided via time-based OTPs delivered through SMS, voice communications, or WhatsApp. Through the WhatsApp OTP service, you can verify, protect customers, and simplify MFA.

Furthermore, TeleSign enables you to optimize the MFA process while also providing secure time-based OTP through WhatsApp.

TeleSign offers several product price packages, such as identity, intelligence, verification, and SMS and voice. However, to get WhatsApp OTP pricing on TeleSign, you have to contact their sales.

9. Tyntec

Reach more of your customers in a simple and easy way through WhatsApp Business from Tyntec. Also, Tyntec offers OTP services via WhatsApp for verification or authentication purposes.

Tyntec WhatsApp OTP pricing includes messaging fees and monthly service fees associated with the pricing plan you choose. For example, the price that applies to Indonesia for the first 250K messages is 0.0214 Euro.

10. Karix

It is a messaging platform that provides a WhatsApp Business API solution that enables businesses to manage client discussions across several messaging channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, and Facebook Messenger.

Furthermore, Karix provides sophisticated automation, analytics, and chatbot help. WhatsApp OTP pricing is available upon request and is depending on the needs of the particular business.

Thus, WhatsApp OTP pricing is essential for consumers and businesses to understand in order to spend more effectively. Then, there are various alternative WhatsApp OTP services from which to pick according to your requirements.

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