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Indonesia Cheapest SMS OTP Cost Service Provider Updated! [2024]

Simple, secure, and cost-effective, low SMS OTP cost is the perfect authentication solution for businesses on a budget. See how it works and why it's a smart choice.
by Rista Fathika
January 1, 2024
sms otp cost

SMS OTP is a popular way used by many companies in the world for 2-factor authentication. However, this service requires SMS OTP cost that need to be paid by the company. That is why companies always try to find the cheapest provider for this service.

Despite the cost that needs to be paid by the company, SMS OTP brings benefits to both the user and the company. The prime benefits of SMS OTP are adding layers to security and enhancing user experience. On the other hand, this service often causes big costs to the company. How to solve it? Read this article.

What is SMS OTP?

As more and more people rely on digital services and online transactions, the need for secure authentication methods becomes increasingly important. One such method is the SMS OTP (one-time password) - a simple but effective way to verify a user's identity.

SMS OTP is a security code that is sent to a user's mobile number via SMS and serves as a one-time password to access their account. The code is generated randomly and remains valid for a limited period, typically for a single use. This makes SMS OTP a robust tool for safeguarding accounts from unauthorized access and potential security breaches.

The benefits of using an SMS OTP are clear - it provides an added layer of security to help prevent unauthorized access or fraudulent activities. It is also convenient for users, as they do not need to remember complex passwords or carry physical tokens. Instead, they simply receive a code on their mobile device and can quickly and easily complete the authentication process.

Overall, SMS OTPs are a helpful tool for enhancing security in online transactions. By adding an extra layer of protection, they can help prevent unauthorized access and fraud. However, it is important to use them in conjunction with other security measures and to be aware of their limitations.

How to Choose an SMS OTP Provider?

Choose an SMS OTP Provider

To apply SMS OTP, the company needs a service from an OTP service provider. This provider provides service in sending the SMS to the client or user. The company needs their service because most companies don't have communication technology.

It is simply like when you want to send a text message to your friend. To be able to do this, you will need a service from a phone and telecommunication provider. The same thing with a company that wants to apply SMS OTP.

Things you need to know before using a service from an OTP service provider is the OTP sms cost. The cheapest SMS OTP cost is always something you need to discuss because an OTP SMS service price can create a big amount of monthly bills. So, below are things you must consider before pointing OTP service provider:

  • Delivery and Latency Rates. Since the company needs to be effective and efficient, a reasonable rate is a must for this service. So, make sure you choose a provider with better delivery but at a more flexible rate and cost-effective. Choosing the best OTP SMS service price is important.
  • Reliability and Security. Since OTP contains sensitive information, it is important to choose a provider with better security service. So, companies need to look for service providers who offer encryption, two-factor authentication, and high delivery rates.
  • Easy Integration. Not only considering SMS OTP cost but also integration with the company’s existing platform and system. Thus, you need to choose a provider with clear documentation and all things needed to perform seamless integration.
  • Customer Support. Customer support is a must when you choose a service provider. You need to entrust SMS OTP service to providers who offer excellent 24/7 customer support. This support can be in phone call support, email, or live chat.
  • Additional Features. Looking for a service provider who offers additional features such as analytical reports, template customization, and a multilanguage message is important to improve your SMS OTP solution. Additional features will give you a better view of SMS OTP performance.

Top 6 SMS OTP Service Providers

SMS OTP cost can cause you a big amount of bills, thus you need to choose the right and best OTP service provider for your company. However, choosing an SMS OTP service provider can also overwhelm you. So, to save you from that, below is the list of the top 6 SMS OTP providers for your reference of the cheapest OTP service:

1. CitCall (Rp *20)

CitCall is a SMS OTP service providers that offers unique OTP services known as miss called based systems. Cheapest otp service claims that this service is cheaper than SMS OTP which will cost you around Rp 620. Meanwhile, missed call OTP will only cost you Rp *65.

2. Sprint (Rp 5*5)

Sprint is one of the SMS OTP providers that offers you a reasonable cost for sending OTP. It will charge you around Rp 5*5 for one message. Sprint is also a long-experienced service provider that is able to support you with encryption, authentication, and security.

3. SMSViro (Rp **5)

SMSViro is one of the best SMS OTP providers in Indonesia that will send OTP to your client. They offer excellent services such as sending marketing SMS or OTP to all operators in Indonesia with maximum speed and with no limitations.

4. Route Mobile (Rp *00)

The next best OTP service provider for SMS OTP is Route Mobile which will offer you full service to achieve customer satisfaction. It supports you with 24/7 customer service, sales, and marketing team, as well as customer engagement.

5. IMS (Rp *95)

Another SMS service provider is IMS that you can choose for your company. It offers a lower rate which is good for your business. You need to pay only Rp *95 to get the full service. This company also provides you with customer support, easy documentation, and other service.

6. Jatis (Rp *80)

Jatis is a digital platform for business with SMS OTP as one of its services. This company allows you to pay only Rp *80 for its service which is very flexible for business. Jatis have a 99 percent delivery rate, instant delivery, and offer 24/7 customer support.

Conclusively, it is important to note that SMS OTPs are not foolproof. They can be vulnerable to attacks such as SIM swapping or phishing attempts. In addition, it also can be costly so businesses must be smart in choosing the best provider to avoid huge amounts of ineffective SMS OTP costs.

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