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Saving $6.25 Million per Year with Biometric Authentication

Experience significant savings! Discover how businesses achieve a remarkable $6.25 million annual reduction in costs through the adoption of biometric authentication.
by Rista Fathika
December 23, 2023
saving cost with biometric

In the ever-evolving business security landscape, the adoption of biometric authentication is emerging as a transformative force that promises significant financial benefits. In other words, your company is saving cost with biometric because this system eliminates costs associated with One Time Password (OTP) messages, simplifies processes, and increases efficiency.

Then, biometric authentication also explores benefits, such as real-world savings, implementation strategies, and future trends that position this system as an important element in reshaping cybersecurity and operational efficiency. Find out more about the financial aspects of biometric authentication, biometric authentication benefits, and what the future trends will be like, below:

The Financial Impact of Authentication

The financial impact of implementing biometric authentication in business is significant, as revealed by a study aligning with observed trends from partners and customers. The benefits of adopting biometric multi-factor user recognition are substantial, particularly in terms of cost reduction.

Traditional authentication's reliance on call centers incurs significant expenses, but biometric authentication dramatically decreases call times, as users securely authenticate using features like voice or facial recognition.

This resulted in a 56% reduction in call volume, translating to estimated annual savings of USD 6.25 million for a bank with 5 million customers. Additionally, biometric authentication eliminates costs associated with One Time Password (OTP) messages, improving efficiency and simplifying the authentication process.

Integrating biometric systems into internal processes and access control further enhances organizational efficiency, reducing delays and running costs. Although the initial investment is notable, your company is saving cost with biometric because it is effective in lowering security-related costs, preventing unauthorized access, and mitigating the risk of security incidents, such as data loss or information theft.

Biometric Authentication Solutions: Saving More Cost!

Biometric Authentication Solutions: Saving More Cost!

Biometric authentication offers great potential to strengthen cybersecurity, improve user experience, and reduce fraud. Now, let's explore biometric authentication advantages in cybersecurity:

1. Enhanced Security

Biometric authentication offers enhanced security compared to traditional methods such as passwords and IDs. Replicating someone's biometric data, like facial features, is challenging.

Even if one were to obtain such details, access to the person's stored biometric data is required. Therefore, if a company securely maintains its customers' biometric data, unauthorized access becomes nearly impossible.

2. Convenience and Efficiency

Biometric authentication surpasses traditional methods in convenience as it eliminates the need to memorize passwords or carry ID cards. Instead, reliance is placed on the uniqueness of one's body.

Consider fingerprint authentication for unlocking a work computer; no passwords or PINs are necessary, only a simple touch of the finger. This convenience extends to businesses, facilitating easy customer account access. According to Statista, global biometric authentication usage in financial services saw a remarkable 1100% increase in 2021. One of the reasons is because they are saving cost with biometric.

For employees, this method proves advantageous as they can verify their identity without cumbersome items like key cards or PIN entries when moving between rooms. Quicker access for customers and employees contributes to an improved overall experience, fostering better job satisfaction and customer relations.

3.  Reduced Fraud

Biometrics strengthens non-repudiation in online transactions, making it difficult for individuals to deny their role and reducing fraudulent claims. For instance, in online banking fraud, facial recognition as a biometric authentication method offers undeniable proof of the involved party.

4. Accuracy and Reliability

Biometric authentication surpasses traditional methods in accuracy as there's no risk of forgetting passwords or losing keys. Consider using facial recognition to unlock your phone and your unique facial features guarantee exclusive access.

Facial recognition technology boasts an accuracy rate of 90% to 99.97%, contingent on image clarity. This accuracy is vital for businesses, ensuring only authorized individuals can access customer accounts and limiting employees to designated business areas.

Real-world Savings Examples

Biometric technology is increasingly utilized across various industries to boost security and streamline processes, with some applications aiming to cut costs. In corporate offices and manufacturing plants, biometric systems like fingerprint or facial recognition scanners are employed for time and attendance management, eliminating the need for traditional time cards.

Access control systems in government facilities and corporate offices utilize biometrics such as fingerprints or iris scans, reducing costs associated with access cards. In healthcare, biometric identification, such as fingerprint or palm vein scans, prevents fraud, reducing costs linked to fraudulent claims.

Banking sectors use biometric authentication, like fingerprint or facial recognition, to enhance security and cut costs related to traditional password management. Biometric technology at borders and immigration checkpoints automates identity verification, reducing manual checks and optimizing staffing. 

In IT systems, biometric authentication lowers password reset requests, minimizing administrative burdens and support costs. These examples showcase that your business is saving cost with biometric by improving efficiency, strengthening security, and reducing reliance on error-prone traditional methods.

Implementation Strategies for Maximum Savings

To help businesses save time and money, implementing biometric authentication can be an efficient solution. Careful implementation strategies are essential to fully leverage the benefits of biometric authentication, and to achieve significant cost savings.

Organizations should conduct comprehensive risk assessments to identify areas where biometrics can have the most impact, such as fraud prevention and operational streamlining. Seamless integration of biometric solutions with existing systems can help avoid unnecessary expenses and ensure compatibility, while prioritizing scalability can enable the technology to expand efficiently alongside organizational growth.

Investing in user training can minimize errors, reduce support costs, and contribute to overall savings. Robust security measures, including encryption and regular audits, are vital to safeguard sensitive biometric data and prevent potential financial losses from data breaches. Compliance with data protection regulations is a non-negotiable aspect that avoids legal risks and associated fines.

Customization of biometric solutions to meet specific organizational needs ensures optimal performance and avoids unnecessary expenses. Proactive monitoring and maintenance plans, along with selecting reputable vendors, can help businesses save money by reducing unexpected costs.

Finally, public awareness campaigns can help educate users about the benefits of biometric authentication, minimizing user issues, and improving overall efficiency. By implementing biometric authentication carefully, businesses can help save time and money while benefiting from enhanced security and streamlined operations.

Future Trends in Biometric Authentication

The future of biometric authentication is marked by a focus on higher security measures. AI-driven facial and behavioral biometrics, including gait, voice, and accent recognition, will facilitate real-time identity verification through on-site cameras.

Advanced biometric authentication is evolving with technologies extracting markers like odor recognition, heartbeat patterns, hand geometry, and DNA signatures for enhanced security. Then, identity proofing is strengthened by live verification and AI-driven video checks, incorporating additional "liveness" testing to counter emerging identity fraud.

Moreover, continuous authentication, based on behavioral patterns or markers, ensures ongoing user verification beyond initial login. These trends address the growing demand for more reliable and sophisticated biometric solutions in both consumer and enterprise systems.

In summary, saving cost with biometric is possible because this system can improve security and significantly increase cost-effectiveness, eliminating traditional costs such as call centers and OTP messages. Biometric authentication also has a bright future trend as it promises advanced security measures to meet the growing demands.

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