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Email OTP Price Update [2023] Best Price Guaranteed!

[2023] Cheap Email OTP Service price from Twilio, SendGrid, Mailgun, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), Mailjet, Postmark, SparkPost, Mandrill, SocketLabs, and MailUp.
by Rista Fathika
July 26, 2023
email otp price

One-time passwords are important to prevent user privacy leaks, especially to protect data owned by large companies. However, to get the best price, both individuals and businesses should be aware of the email OTP price.

This is because several OTP email providers offer various prices and have different specifications. If you need a list of cheap email OTP service prices, read the review below:

Get the Best Deals by Knowing Email OTP Price Update

OTP is one method that application providers employ to keep their consumers secure from cybercrime. Working with an OTP that only utilizes one time or a one-time password can assist the user verification process become faster and more secure.

Companies that use OTP email services should update information on prices from several providers. This will enable companies to cost-efficiently.

Moreover, access to up-to-date pricing information allows companies to adjust their pricing strategies efficiently, stay competitive in the market, and attract more customers with competitive offers.

Top 10 Cheap Email OTP Service Price

Many providers offer OTP email services. However, below is a list of providers that have cheap prices for OTP email services:

1. Twilio

You can use Twilio as a multi-channel user verification solution in one ready-to-use API. Through Twilio email verification, you can add seamless two-factor authentication to your onboarding and login flows with a single API.

Thus, Twilio email pricing works as a full one-time password (OTP) delivery solution. Twilio pricing for standard packages starts from USD 0.05 per successful verification plus standard fees per channel. Then, you can inquire with sales about volume discounts.

2. SendGrid

The features of SendGrid include the elimination of domain spoofing and phishing emails. Furthermore, it offers security with two-factor authentication, API key permissions, IP access management, exact teammate permissions, and many other features.

Different from Twilio pricing, SendGrid provides four plans. The free plan allows you to send 100 emails each day indefinitely. The USD 14.95 per month Essentials package allows you to send up to 100,000 emails each month.

The Pro plan costs between USD 89.95 and USD 749.00 a month and allows you to send up to 1.5 million emails every month. The Premier plan is for higher volume requirements.

3. Mailgun

It provides a complete API for sending email notifications, OTP, and so on. Depending on your demands, Mailgun email OTP price provides four basic programs as well as bespoke options.

The pre-defined plans vary from pay-as-you-go for the entry-level flex plan to USD 90 per month for the top-tier plan. For three months, the basic package includes 5,000 free emails each month.

If you exceed that limit, it will cost you USD 0.80 per 1,000 emails. Each subscription includes analytics, ticket assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and a 99.99% guaranteed uptime SLA.

4. Amazon SES

It supports standard email authentication mechanisms such as DKIM, SPF, and DMARC. Furthermore, OTP email pricing on Amazon SES is very competitive, even being the cheapest option available.

If your app is hosted on Amazon EC2, the first 62,000 emails are free per month. Emails sent more than that restriction cost USD 0.1 for every 1,000 sent, plus USD 0.12 for each GB of attachments.

Receiving emails costs USD 0 for the first 1,000 emails and USD 0.10 for each subsequent 1,000 emails, plus USD 0.09 for each 1,000 incoming email chunks.

5. Mailjet

It has several capabilities for creating, managing, sending, and optimizing emails. You will be able to customize email templates using the tool and collaborate on email design as a group.

Moreover, with Mailjet, you may verify your users' email addresses by issuing them a one-time password (OTP). Email OTP price depends on the number of emails you send every month.

There's a free option that allows you to send 6000 emails every month. The basic plan costs USD 8.69 a month for 30000 emails.

6. Postmark

It offers easy email authentication and can help you set up DMARC and SPF, which are useful for protecting your domain from spoofing.

Email OTP price options vary from USD 10,000 per month for USD 10.00 to USD 1200.00 per month for 5 million emails. The cost of an additional 1,000 emails ranges from USD 1.25 to USD 0.25.

7. SparkPost

It is an email delivery service that handles large volumes of email. SparkPost has its sights set on the corporate sector.

Reliable high-volume sending, premium technical assistance on Enterprise subscriptions, and an emphasis on security and compliance are a few examples. As a result, SparkPost is a popular choice for Enterprise customers.

SparkPost, on the other hand, may be overkill for startups or low-volume email senders. Its capabilities include email sending, validation, and analytics, all of which are well-documented and available via its API.

Moreover, SparkPost has three service tiers: Starter, Premier, and Enterprise, each with its own set of email volumes and capabilities. The Starter package, for example, does not include inbound processing or dedicated transmitting IPs.

  • The cost of sending 10,000 emails is USD 20 per month (Starter).
  • Sending 300,000 emails costs USD 205 per month (Premier plan + overage fees).
  • The cost of sending one million emails is USD 525 per month (Premier).

8. Mandrill

For your information, Mandrill and Mailchimp were once different companies, but Mandrill is now a paid Mailchimp add-on. While Mailchimp specializes in bulk email services, Mandrill only handles transactional emails.

Email OTP price is determined by the number of blocks, with one block equaling 25000 emails. The pricing for 1-20 blocks will be USD 20 per block.

The pricing for 21-40 blocks will be USD 18 per block. Moreover, the price will decrease as the quantity of blocks increases.

9. MailUp

It allows you to send an unlimited number of emails every month. With the SMTP+ feature, you may send emails from your inbox, a web application, or even an e-commerce site.

Using the A/B testing tool, you may compare and evaluate two versions of an email to discover which one works better.

MailUp has 4 OTP price email packages, a starter package starting at USD 43 and a plus package starting at USD 94. The premium package starts at USD 235 and the enterprise package price is customizable.

To sum up, understanding email OTP price is critical for both users and companies to pay more wisely. Then, you can choose one from the list of OTP email providers that suits your needs.

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