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SMS OTP Price Update [2024] Best Price Guaranteed!

Discover the cheapest SMS OTP service prices offered by top providers like Twilio, Infobip, Message Bird, and more. Compare and choose the best deal for your business.
by Rista Fathika
January 1, 2024
cheap otp service

SMS OTP (one-time password) authentication involves delivering a verification code through SMS to the user's phone. Then, some companies need to find cheap OTP services. It is because, on the business side, companies require a high cost to use the service. 

Despite the hefty cost, SMS OTP provides the benefit of adding an extra layer of security and enhancing the user experience. Before knowing the list of cheap OTP SMS services, see why it is important for companies to find the cheapest OTP service, below:

Get The Best Deals by Knowing SMS OTP Price Update

The best OTP SMS fee requires a fairly high cost. Therefore, it is important to choose the right SMS service provider for your company.

Make sure the services and prices are to the needs of your company. There are many SMS OTP services provider available, but you should know the price updates for SMS OTP to get the best deal.

Knowing the best deals and staying updated on SMS OTP price updates can be important for several reasons:

1. Cost Savings

By being aware of price updates and finding the best deals, you can save money on SMS OTP services. This is especially relevant for businesses that require large volumes of OTPs or individuals who frequently use OTP-based authentication or two-factor authentication.

2. Budget Management

If you have a budget allocated for SMS OTP services, knowing the price updates helps you plan and manage your expenses more effectively. It allows you to distribute the right amount of funds and avoid unexpected cost overruns.

3. Scalability and Growth

Knowing the price updates helps in evaluating the scalability of different providers. By understanding the costs associated with increased OTP volume, you can plan for future growth and choose a provider that offers scalable pricing options.

4. Optimized Service Selection

Price updates can reveal new service providers entering the market or existing providers offering promotional deals. By staying updated, you can explore different options, compare prices, and select a provider that offers the right balance of affordability and service quality for your specific requirements.

TOP 10 Cheap SMS OTP Service Price

top 10 cheap sms otp service

You now understand how important it is to know the SMS OTP price update. To make it easier for you to choose an SMS OTP service with excellent service and low prices, here is the list:

1. Twilio

This prominent cloud communications platform based in San Francisco tops the list due to its exceptional flexibility and adaptability. It employs a REST API, which offers strong messaging capabilities via programmable messages.

Twilio provides SMS gateway solutions that enable organizations to go beyond basic SMS capability. Furthermore, Twilio's API enables omni channel messaging across other popular platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

With a strong global presence, this well-known SMS API service is very dependable. Apart from the Twilio SMS API, it also provides phone number verification and lookup APIs for your online store.

Twilio cost per SMS will be on a 'pay as you go' basis which varies depending on the operator, message type, and destination country. For the United States, Twilio pricing per SMS is USD 0.00079/message.

2. IMS

It is another cheap OTP service provider you might utilize for your company. It offers a lower rate, which is advantageous to your business. To use the whole service, it costs you Rp *95. Also, this company provides customer service, basic paperwork, and other services.

3. Jatis

One of Jatis' superior products is SMS blast. You can use SMS blasts for business purposes, such as sending promotional messages, sending notification messages, sending OTP (One Time Password) for security systems, marketing or marketing strategies, and other use cases.

SMS Blast can help organizations and customers develop effective and simple customer relationship management (CRM). Jatis is one of the cheap OTP services in Indonesia. This is because it allows you to pay only IDR *480 per SMS.

4. Infobip

It provides businesses with solutions for customer assistance and interaction across a variety of media. SMS, instant messaging, consumer segmentation, customized branding, and other services are among Infobip's offerings.

Pricing information is not accessible on the Infobip website. However, you would need to interact with one of their sales representatives to obtain the exact information.

5. 8x8

If you want a cheap OTP service that can reach globally and can serve multi-regional/multinational companies, 8x8 is right for you. This is because 8x8 offers unlimited calling and texting in 14 to 48 countries, depending on the package you choose.

8x8 offers an Automatic SMS product that you can use to contact your customers. The 8x8 SMS API also simplifies the messaging workflow and keeps your customers informed with its easy-to-integrate API, easy-to-use dashboard, and simple automation.

Unlike other providers, 8x8 offers annual and monthly package prices. The price for business communications (voice, video, and chat) starts from USD 24 per month.

6. Citcall

Online service providers and mobile applications typically utilize the SMS service to validate a phone number or transmit a One Time Password (OTP). CitCall, on the other hand, exists as a missed call verification and OTP service.

Moreover, CitCall is so unique in its operation. So, the user who gets the missed call simply has to input a few numbers of the phone number that phoned them to verify.

CitCall claims that its service is cheaper than SMS OTP. By using CitCall, you only pay for what you use so you can save money. Meanwhile, 1,000 miscalls start from IDR *49,000 per month.

7. Message Bird

Over 25000 organizations globally, including Google, WhatsApp, and Facebook, rely on this SMS OTP service. MessageBird's SMS OTP service is quite robust, allowing for automating communication operations using codes.

Aside from the basic SMS API, the company offers solutions for mobile number verification, campaign development, email-to-sms, and much more. In addition, Message Bird is one of the cheap OTP services. This is because the price of the SMS gateway is only USD 0.008/ message for the United States.

8. Route Mobile

Another prominent provider of Cloud Communication Platforms to corporations, over-the-top (OTT) players, and mobile network operators (MNO) is Route Mobile.

It offers many products, such as A2P messaging, 2-way messaging, route OTP, Mail2SMS, and others. Moreover, Route Mobile is a cheap OTP service because it only costs IDR *00 per SMS.

9. SMSviro

You can send marketing SMS or OTP to all operators in Indonesia with maximum speed and no minimum quota through SMSViro. Also, you will get access to the Dashboard and API to send SMS directly through all operators' servers.

The cost will adjust to the destination operator number. This cheap OTP service uses the PREPAID system in the form of a deposit. The balance on the deposit will decrease according to usage.

The following is a list of SMS sending rates based on providers (for the Indonesian region):

  • Telkomsel: Rp*85/SMS.
  • Indosat: Rp*30/SMS.
  • XL: Rp*45/SMS.
  • Tri: Rp*30/SMS.
  • Smartfren: Rp*00/SMS.

10. Telkosh

Increase conversions and revenue with simple but powerful SMS messages via Telkosh. This innovative platform will make SMS marketing simpler and more effective than ever before.

Telkosh provides several products, ranging from 2 ways messaging, and A2P messaging, to OTP services. The service price depends on the country, package type, and message volume. For example, for 5000 SMS, the price per SMS starts at US$23.61 for 3 months.

Businesses may reap the benefits of conventional text messaging by communicating with their clients via SMS. There are many cheap OTP services available and you can choose the best one according to your company's needs.

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